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    Adding Sub-menu

    Hello. I want to add a sub-menu item so when someone's mouse goes over the main menu "About Us" the sub item shows "Instructors". I want the users to be able to select "Instructors" and be taken to a page detailing that information. I don't want it to go to the "About Us" page (which happens now).  Help???? 

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    We have an official Help article that fully explains how to add a sub-menu (also known as a drop-down menu): Create dropdown menu.

    There's also a complete list of all GoCentral/New Website Builder Help articles, that includes how to rearrange, move, and copy pages — just in case you need to tidy up:

    Dive in: Browse all-articles list



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    Are you using website builder or is this an organic site?


    If it's organic, I can probably help.  Post the code you're using for the menu.  Are you using jQuery or another javascript framework?

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    Go to menu setting and click indent on the tab you want to place as sub

    I see explicit instructions in the "old" Website Builder - does exactly what I want.  However, I can't locate how to do this in the "new" GoCentral website editor I am working with.  Can you or anyone else help point me to where this is described?  Thanks.

    Looking for the same answer, did you figure it out?

    I am looking for the same answer. Please let me know if you have a solution.

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    please tell us where is " MENU SETTING"


    I see your comment was in 2016 and it looks like we still have the same problem a year later. Is there a solution or it just can't be done in Go Central ? I have just recently signed up for Go Central and now I find out that I can't do some common tasks like add an action button that will link to a file, increase the font size in sections, add a sub menu to the navigation bar. It is getting frustrating to say the least.

    it is my same question. please post your results if you have find any!


    Hi i am using a godaddy website builder.  we have created pages but within the pages want sub menus ...how do i do this?

    Has anyone found a solution to this or is GoDaddy pushing us off?

    I am trying to do the same thing, so would appreciate any tips or solutions anyone finds!   

    I found it.  When you're in edit mode, click on the menu bar you've already created, then click settings. A window will open, from there chose Edit Menu.  From there you can make existing menus sub menus and change the order by moving them up and down.  Hope this helps!

    Good job digging until this question was addressed! Nice going...

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    I'm still having a hard time finding this option to make the submenu.  I'm probably clicking in the wrong area, but I can't seem to find the Edit menu option.

    This answer is not for GoCentral. It can not be done with GoCentral and people have been requesting it for a year. I am now trying Word Press a little harder however great tutorials on YouTube. Plan to cancel GoCentral free trial given they can not add a feature like this in a year.

    If you are reading this you are likely a novice too.


    I Cancelled GoCentral, CPanel and Office 365. Got a total refund no hassle.


    Managed WordPress with GoDaddy gave me hosting all in one place. I opened a free Gmail account and use Google Forms to survey viewers and the Contact page. I prefer Google Forms as a first contact since I can ask questions as to why they are contacting me and all replies are in a spreadsheet thus I can sort the answers and use the email column to copy and paste to answer more than one contact at a time. After the initial response I just continue email with the Google account,

    It cannot be true with CoCentral, there's no such option as Edit Menu...can you post photos you doing it?

    How can I add sud-menu to my godaddy website editing?

    In go central...


    Click on pages

     then Add

    then check Drop Down Menu

    then name it

    then click "Create Menu"


    After that you can add new or existing  pages to it