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    Adding an email to gocentral

    I've noticed that I have to find the email code off the internet to embed into HTML  in order to have a box for customers to upload pictures to us.  When adding a section there seems to be  a long list of items to choose from, ie, PayPal, Zillow,  calender, but no email? I've called Tech support twice  and  they tell me to do it myself by entering the code I had to look for myself. Am I going about this the hard way or is there something I can do to solve this problem? Shouldn't Go Daddy put email on the contact form? I can collect their email on there but  the customer can't send files along with the form. grrr

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    Re: Adding an email to gocentral

    End user uploads (pictures, etc.) is not a feature of GoCentral, you would need to use a different service for this task.  The HTML section is a way to integrate with some other services or you may need to link to an external page.


    Google offers this service but I believe the end user would also need to be loged into a Google account to be able to upload files.



    There are several other services also available if you want to search for one to fit your needs.