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    Alignment is as issue while designing

    Dear Sir


    I am having problem in aligning the text in my site. There is no tool in the builder. Please suggest how to do it.

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    Hi @sandeepshende, thanks for posting.

    I apologize, but I'm not certain what you are referring to. Can you follow up with some more details about what you were having trouble with? If possible, include your published website so members of the Community can see what you're working on.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Hi GaryA, I think I have the same issue.

    For the new GoCentral templates I like (text box layout) the body text alignment is mostly centered. This looks messy and is difficult to read. I would like text content--not necessarily headers, although the option would be nice--to be left-justified, without changing the actual layout of the site.

    I have not launched the updated version of my site so it cannot be shared. 

    Please advise. Thanks

    The test looks awful all centered - how can I make each text block aligned to the left (or both sides) so it look professional?

    He is referring to one of the most basic features of any kind of layout and design software. The Align panel is a common feature in popular products, like Adobe's Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. It allows you to Align elements on a page using the simple click of a few buttons on a panel. It is really a indication of how weak the design system is under GoDaddy, and makes it a lot less desirable to use.

    See the Link below for an example of the Alignment panel in Adobe products if you are still confused. Anyone who works regularly with these professional products will be frustrated and disappointed by GoDaddy's website design feature.


    I am having problems with alignment of the text ( left ).