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    Appointments - Advanced Options

    Any updates on dev progress on these features?


    I would like the following to happen:

    1) Customized appointment times to match when a client is booking. ie: Currently, I can change my appointment to last 15 minutes, but when a client goes to book, the only intervals they can schedule is every 30 min.

    2)  Be able to select multiple employees for any given service, on their own individual calendars, not for one collective calendar. Ie: I would like to be able to book one client for myself, and another client for a different employee, during the same time slot.

    3) Be able to book multiple appointments for the same time slot. Ie: I would like to be able to select how many clients I can accept during one given time slot; so, at 8:30 AM, I would like to be able to accept 2 clients, at 12:00 PM, I would like to be able to accept 4 clients.


    Thank you!

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    Re: Appointments - Advanced Options


    Thank you for following up. Can you please remind me what kind of businesses do you do? Which one is your website?

    Regarding 3)What's the reason you want to have different number of clients for different time slots? Is it because of different availability of the staff members? Have you tried setting it up as classes/events, in which you can set capacity? If it is because of different availability of staff members, later in May/June you will be able to add multiple staff members and set their availability, which also answer question 2).

    1). We will enable functionality to set time interval to be 15 minutes in the next a few weeks. Is this enough for your business? What kind of services do you provide that last 15 minutes? Do the customers come in for only 15 minutes? What are the reasons you want the time intervals to be 15 minutes or shorter?


    Thank you for using the product and please feel free to reach out with further feedback or more questions.



    GoDaddy product manager


    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager

    Re: Appointments - Advanced Options



    Business: Chiropractor

    Website: www.belmontchiroclinic.com


    *Reason to have a different number of clients at different times: our business has various "peak" hours of operation, it would be nice to adjust for volume allowances.


    *Classes won't work: I would need to setup a new class every 15 minutes, for an 8 hour day, 6 days a wk. This is not only tedious, but the classes only seem to be adjusted in length down to a minimum of 60 min. Also, I do not need more than 3-4 people to be allowed to sign up for one slot, not 50, as classes were intended.


    *15 min intervals works very well, our office does not require anything less than that.


    Ideally, a client would navigate the appointment sheet in the following way:


    1) Select service: chiropractic visit - 15 minutes

    2) Select employee

    3) Select date

    4) Select time: (reflects service intervals) available every 15 minutes, not just every 30 minutes - ALSO, have the times reflect each individual employee's availability/schedule. Currently, if you book an appointment with one employee at 8:30AM, it blocks that time slot for all of the employee's schedules, not just that individual. That won't work well.

    4) Fill out form, book appointment


    P.S. Please do not mark this thread as resolved. Last time that happened, and I could not reply to check on progress of this integration, it was locked, and was no longer active. Thanks so much!


    Re: Appointments - Advanced Options

    @jsmercurial11 thank you very much for your detailed reply! It is very helpful to learn more about how your business operates. We are working on developing new functionalities to support the cases you outlined. The new functionalities should gradually roll out starting later this month. Please feel free to follow up or reach out with further questions.



    GoDaddy product manager.

    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager