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    Ascension Theme By GoDaddy (How to change header images on inner pages)

    Hi guys 

    I am using Ascension theme by GoDaddy, I want to use a custom header image for every inner page in my site, right now the theme take the main header image and display the same in internal pages, 


    How can I change this ?? 



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    I am really happy with the GoDaddy theme Ascension. But there is one thing that bother me a bit. The header image is very wide, so it takes a lot of space on the top of every page. I was looking for it in the style.css, to change the size, but I could not find the correct code.  Can anyone tell me, where I can find the correct code to modify or how it is possible to delete it completely.




    I still could not find a solution. Please help me Smiley Sad

    Hi @express

    Check out this community tutorial post that should help you out. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    I am using Ascension theme. The header image in this theme has fixed sizes for the home page and inner pages. Because of the fixed height and width of the header image in this theme, parts of header photo gets cut off. I would like to show a bigger view of the header photograph by increasing the height of the header image; I need to do this for home page and inner pages of the desktop version and inner pages of the mobile and tablet versions. Do you have any suggestion on how could I possibly do this?

    Edit: Since i didn't receive any reply to this question, I decided to discontinue using Ascension theme and use a different theme instead which permits bigger size header image... This question can be considered resolved.

    I have the exact same issue! Hopefully someone can lend some advice?