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    Back order on stock inventory

    I've been getting the webshop set up and went through a quick test in the preview. Obviously where an item is out of stock and not available to back order it clearly says out of stock and won't allow the 'add to cart' button to be clicked. However, when I looked at an item I had set to 0 but available to back order, it seems to give no indication on the product page or the cart that item is out of stock. I would have expected the item page or cart to say something along the lines of "Item is out of stock, available to back order", so as to let the customer know it might take longer to get their item. The website isn't actually published yet, so I'm wondering whether something like that is there and just doesn't show up in preview, or is this something that's missing from the builder?

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    Helper V

    I agree the website should tell the customer it is out of stock but available for backorder. Have you received an update on this? I'd like to know exactly how the backorders are handled in GoCentral...

    Helper V

    I got impatient and called customer service AGAIN for the umpteenth time. Customer service assured me that if you mark your inventory 0, make sure the item is checked to be inventoried, and mark it Allow Backorder that the customer will be notified during checkout if an item is on backorder. It does not show in the product page itself, however, so you would have to add verbage to that if you want it, such as "This item can still be ordered even if on backorder." Another option would be to put Pre-order or Custom Order in the title...

    hink this is pretty poor and dissapointing to note, as customer needs to know this before they get to checkout.....


    Go Daddy please fix and update us please ! I want to use the online store to keep my stock check right but still allow back orders - otherwise i have to stock loads more sizes and options when im just starting out and want to see how demand is for example ill stock 2 or 3 of 2 sizes and leave the thirs as back order only.