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    Best way to display photos on website

    I have about 30  pictures to put on my website....I put them in a "slideshow"  AND  in  a "gallery" to 

    test it out but people have asked me  how can they enlarge the photo on their  computer to see the picture bigger................is there any setting for this?    Several people have complained that they would like to be able to  control looking at the pictures  and the size they see them as  rather than a slideshow. 

    However,   30 pictures take up to much room  on the screen..........is there a way to do it individually? 


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    Helper V


    What are you using for your website? How do you edit it? What did you use to create the gallery?


    There are many tools you can use to generate a smaller version of images and then the software will automatically generate HTML to link from the small version to the full-size version. Which one is best for you depends on what you are already doing.

    Helper V



    This is why I bought juicebox pro.... it does what you are describing without to much effort.....

    The html code is that which I just made up for you ..... one of my images. Just change my links to your links in html ...... if the thumbnail is to big or small change the size to your liking.

    <a href="http://mrsroadrunnerphotography.com" target="_blank">
      <img src="http://mrsroadrunnerphotography.com/Birds-Seed-and-Insect-Eaters/images/Grouse_Bird_021.jpg" alt="Mrsroadrunner Photography" style="width:342px;height:228px;border:0;">

    In the drupal site their is a module colorbox that does what you want it to with some configuration..... if you are using wordpress perhaps colorbox is there too??

    Hope this helps......

    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    Are you saying that with juicebox it is possible to create a more professional looking portfolio gallery? 

    I ask because, like Dale, I am not thrilled with the only two gallery options Go Daddy offers in Builder. Adding a single image in a smaller scaled size will not expand by clicking the image either, so this isn't option either. It seems like this would be a basic image feature/tool, "click for larger image" but it's not. 

    Note: I know nothing about code unless it's genetic. Haha! 

    Anyway, I'd like to know if this juicebox program you mentioned would help me, as painlessly as

    possible, create a professional looking portfolio? I'm an artist. 

    One more thing, great topic you raised about image theft. I'm really torn about placing a ghost watermark on my images. You're right, too small and they'll just crop it out. Too light, and it's fairly easy to edit it out if you're proficient in using a photo editor. 


    Thanks in advance



    Rocky Wrong Page



    Hi there Rocky,

    Since I brought up the juicebox pro I just assume the questions are point in my direction 😉

    Juicebox has a free version too! Not sure how well that version is for I needed the license to run on several websites, several galleries...... but gosh it is pretty easy!! I have them running on my site as we speak. This gallery is made with juicebox pro http://mrsroadrunnerphotography.com/gallery/Butterflies-and-Moths-Of-Oregon


    Code, omg I taught myself all this and just spent hours getting something to work right 😉 So fully understand the frustrations..... just got to laugh 😉 I joke around saying if a real coder looked at my stuff they would laugh themselves into oblivion at me haha, but hey it works ha


    Another free program I really like and use for international , all languages, (it switches english into all sorts of languages), is piwigo. I have never used GD image gallery so it is rather unfair of me to say anything about it...... keep in mind these other programs you are in control of everything. You can screw it up very easily if not following directions 🙂


    Hope this helps you with your images of your artwork!

    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    Hi guys,

    I created a website for my friend. It looks OK on PC however awful on Mobile phone... Please have a look 

    Any ideas how to change it??

    Would be grateful any help.