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    Blank Page Layout doesn't seem an opton?

    Hi everyone. First time user of GoCentral. In my previous Website Builder7, I pretty much had a blank canvas as each page and could layout anyway I wanted. This new site seems a bit restrictive. Is there are way I could set my own layout to say have text at the top and then say, 20 photos 2 wide and 5 long (although this changes depending on my page)? Hope this makes sense, link of what I want below. Blundering my way through the new site and appreciate any help I can get. Cheers


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    Re: Blank Page Layout doesn't seem an opton?

    That is correct.  GoCentral is simplified for beginners that just want to add their own content to a predesigned theme.  The themes consist of a style, color, and font selection.  You can add various different types of sections, but they'll automatically follow the theme.  So it wouldn't be for someone who wanted to fine tune or even create their own design.


    Have you tried WordPress?  That is more customizable out-of-the-box and can be extended with various different plug-ins.  Just a heads up that it is easily customizable to a point, but it could be a big learning curve for more advanced customization.  It is open source software so there are many YouTube videos available if you want to get a feel for if it'll work for your needs.