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    Blocked my site running Flash and can no longer upload files?

    I had blocked Godaddy from running Flash
    I'm using Website Builder v6.5.4 
    I have previously been able to upload files (for download) via Manage -> Upload files
    Now when that page opens, the dialogue window is not selectable, there is not button to select files on my local computer, and there is no Upload button.

    This starting happening about 6 months ago, my solution at that time was to switch from Chrome browser to Edge.  But now Edge does not display the dialogue window either.
    Is this related to Flash?
    What are my options?

    File Upload Error.png

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    Re: SOLVED: Blocked my site running Flash and can no longer upload files?

    Hi @vincepachiano,


    Welcome to the Community!

    Yes, failure of some of the functions can be related to Flash. Please make sure Flash and other scripts running on the browser are up to date. You'll need to check each browser to see that the version is current. We also recommend working on the website using a private/Incognito browsing window. 


    If those two actions don't resolve your issue, we advise a call to the GoDaddy customer support team at one of the numbers below. 



    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    Supporting you at x.co/247support