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    Blog @ GoCentral Must-Haves!

    Let's pressure GoDaddy into adding some basic features to the Blog such as:


    • Comments Smiley Happy
    • Twitter embed Smiley Happy
    • HTML Smiley Happy


    What do you want to see on the Blog?


    Leave a comment.

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    Re: Blog @ GoCentral Must-Haves!

    The GoCentral blog feature is quite simple, more to add a small news and information section to a site and not so good as a dedicated blogging platform.  I do believe comments are on the way, but I don't see it getting a more robust feature set in the foreseeable future.  If the blog is to be more than a sideline to the site I'd generally recommend using a platform built around blogging, like WordPress, where you can extend it to fit what's needed with plugins.