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    Blog posts with multiple photos?

    I'm guessing the answer is no, but I'd really love to add multiple photos to my blog posts. Is this possible with GoCentral?

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    Helper V

    Re: Blog posts with multiple photos?

    Yes @playwrightnat. Just place your cursor where you want the new photo in your post and a green icon with a plus sign will appear. Click on the icon and select Insert Image. From there, you can choose from a few options. The flush left or right options give you a smaller square photo, whereas the center option gives you a larger rectangle photo. These appear to be preset sizes. There are a few other options available for editing, and then you can add you alt image text and save (publish).


    Re: Blog posts with multiple photos?

    can a photo grid be created ? as in when you use the alignment towards left or right, can the second pic be inserted in the vacant space ? or only text can be inserted ?

    i tried doing it by placing the cursor in the position but the pic shifts below (like pressing an enter). Is there any way this can be done ?

    Helper V

    Re: Blog posts with multiple photos?

    @KateT I was thinking the same thing! I'd like the ability to have 2 smaller photos side by side. The wrapped text is nice, too, but with longer posts having the photos breaks it up a bit. I wonder if they could add this easily? I played with it and couldn't find a way to get it accomplished...

    Former Employee

    Re: Blog posts with multiple photos?

    Hi @KateT@Hopeful,


    You are correct in that you cannot currently have two images side by side in a blog post.  We do have "gallery" on our list of features to add but don't have an ETA for it at this point.




    Sr. PM, Blog

    Helper V

    Re: Blog posts with multiple photos?

    @cstrasia That's nice. I'm sure that would be helpful, too. I would get a lot of use out of the two side-by-side photos (the width of the text in the post) if they could just tweak that a little bit to accommodate two pics. Doubt I'd use a whole photo gallery much as that's already on the site.