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    Blog taking up too much space on home page

    I know the title doesn't explain my situation well but I'll try my best. I have a website which I mainly use as a blog. I have the blog feature on my homepage. As I have several hundred blog posts you need to scroll down a lot to go to the bottom of the page. Can't I just put a next page button or something to make the home page a little bit smaller? It's an issue because it takes too much time to load that giant home page.

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Blog taking up too much space on home page

    Hi @buffoon. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's a way to paginate (separate into pages) the blog post stream currently. That would be a good feature though, so I'll pass your post on as feedback. In the meantime, one thing you could do is separate your blog posts using categories, then make pages for each category. Then, on the home page, you could create a content section that links to the page for each category.  You could also make a drop-down menu that links to each page. 


    Edit: Alternatively, there is also one (of three) layouts that limits the amount of posts show. The posts will appear in a slider. This may work for you if you only need a few of the posts showing. 


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