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    Building a new website and transfer existing to the new

    I have a domain name and hosting both with Godaddy. My existing website is build with Joomla. I plan to build a new site with Wordpress for my domain. But transferring from my existing site to new wordpress site should be done without any interruption. That is, I will build a new site with wordpress (may be under a subfolder). Then I will test the new site and when all is set I will transfer the DNS pointers to the new site. Is it possible? 

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    Re: Building a new website and transfer existing to the new

    Hi @medielectro. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 

    It's definitely possible to install both Joomla and WordPress on the same domain, especially if you use a different directory. However, I don't have a step by step guide for this. Perhaps another member of the community will be able to give you more insight into the best way to do this. 


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    Re: Building a new website and transfer existing to the new

    Hi @medielectro,


    Having recently been through the situation of installing wp into a folder/subdomain, be very careful with DNS settings, htaccess files, and all of those other little details that are taken care of for you automagically when when you install into a root folder.  Also, the timing in switching domain names is important as you'll want to be able to give your site time to properly propagate through the DNS registration.


    My approach now centers upon using managed wp hosting to develop a site.  This can be done with a temporary domain name, the dns services are built into the interface so management is super easy, migration into and out of the platform is straightforward/direct, and you never even have to touch the server you are working on.  Yes, there is a dollar cost to this, but for me I'll trade the few dollars over lots of headaches!


    Hope this helps,


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