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    Can I use CSS in GoDaddy Website Builder?

    Hello Everybody.
    I want to ask just a simple question.
    The question is as follows:
    Can I use my custom CSS in GoDaddy website builder?

    Thanx in advance

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    Re: Using CSS

    Well it's depend on where you want to use it. if you want to use it for whole design then maybe you can't use. 


    There are some hacks to use css.


    If you explain your requirements then it's easy for us to help you properly. 


    You can hire expert Godaddy Website designer for better help.

    - Renu Sharma
    Professional Web Designer

    Re: Using CSS

    I want to use it for the whole web page.
    I want to use the
    Properties of CSS to apply selection Colors to the whole web page.
    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Using CSS

    Hi @Gourav,

    You can also check out this article on adding HTML or other custom code to GoCentral/Website Builder. All the best!



    Re: Using CSS

    Thank you Rachel
    But I need to apply CSS to the whole web page.
    Using HTML section and applying CSS to it will affect only that section but not the whole web page.
    Thank you fir your support.
    Please reply if you get an answer.
    Former Employee

    Re: Using CSS

    While  there's no direct way to apply CSS to an entire page, you can use the Theme panel to change overall look with the preset combos at the top of panel or pick your own colors and fonts.


    Re: Using CSS

    Thank you @nhester!