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    Can on-line store be modified for club renewals and fee payments?

    I am rebuilding a website to transfer to GoDaddy. We are a target shooting club where we have members who pay yearly dues, and  hold shooting competitions where people pay money to come to our ranges and shoot. We don't have "products," but we would like to collect yearly dues, and entry fees by credit cards, allow competitors to fill out entry forms, etc. Essentially, we would be taking credit card payments, and allowing people to fill out on-line entry fees. Can the hosting platform with the on-line store be modified to do that? 

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    Re: Can on-line store be modified for club renewals and fee payments?

    There's a free trial so you can play around to see if it'll fit your needs.  Though the online store feature is streamlined for those selling products.  But I do want to point out the Business plan features PayPal buttons, The Business+ plan features that and appointments.


    If you're fine administrating memberships on your own but simply need a method of taking payments online you can use a PayPal button.


    The appointments feature can be used to sell tickets to an event.  I'll note that this asks customers for first/last name as well as email (and optionally a phone number) to book an event.