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    Can't Add Line Breaks to my page



    I am having trouble adding line breaks between paragraphs on the home page to my web site. I initially typed up my home page in Google Docs and then saved it as an HTML file, and then uploaded it in cPanel. All of the line breaks between paragraphs from the initial document are present when you view it in a browser, but any additional paragraphs that I have typed out in the HTML Editor since then don't have any line breaks showing up in between paragraph. The line breaks show up perfectly fine in the HTML Editor itself, but not when viewing the site on a browser.


    I know virtually nothing about code, but I was able to alter the source code to the site to add a <br> tag where I want the line break to be. If I save my file after this, the breaks do show up on a browser, but if I make ANY changes to the page in the HTML Editor afterwards, everything in the source code reverts to the original formatting.


    What's going on here? How do I get "new" line breaks in the HTML editor to show up when viewing my page in a browser? Or at the very least, how do I stop changes made in the HTML Editor from deleting unrelated changes made in the Code Editor?