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    Can't access my website on wifi at home?!?

    I cannot seem to be able to figure this out and neither have the godaddy support people. I can access my web site from all of my devices on cellular, but if i am on wifi at my house, I get the GoDaddy "website coming soon" splash page. I cant seem to be able to find a work around. Ive tried clearing all of my history, cache, etc.... this happens on my ipad and phone as well if i connect to my wifi. I disconnect from wifi and refresh the page on LTE and it works perfectly

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    Hi @cburkit!


    That is definitely an odd issue, but not entirely uncommon. Domain records (or DNS) are more of an all or nothing situation; the domain either works everywhere or nowhere. If your site works on everything except your wi-fi, then that usually occurs because of an error with your internet service provider (ISP) or a caching issue. If you have already cleared your cache and history, I would recommend restarting your modem and router, then restarting your computer. If you are still unable to reach your site after that, I would definitely reach out to your ISP to see if something is stuck or blocking updates.


    I hope that helps!