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    Can't decide whether to have website on GoDaddy!

    Website here or on shopify? Can I link an insta/fb shop here? Not long left til free trial expires! Confused as to if my site will be wordpress if I continue with godaddy?

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    Re: Can't decide whether to have website on GoDaddy!

    Hi @skysara,

    It would be helpful for you to provide us more information so we can guide you. First of all, have you already built a website through GoDaddy? If so, please provide your website. Secondly, I'm guessing that you built the site using our Website Builder/GoCentral. If so, then you will not be on WordPress. Hope to hear back from you in order to help. Thanks!


    Re: Can't decide whether to have website on GoDaddy!

    OK so Im on the free trial so I haven't published yet. Do I need to be on wordpress a lot of people think so but I dont know the benefits. Can you tell me if the godaddy websites can be linked so people can buy off social media please?

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    Re: Can't decide whether to have website on GoDaddy!

    Hi @skysara,


    It appears that part of your dilemma is not whether an to host on GoDaddy, but rather to use a page builder or WordPress. Regardless of your hosting company, the decision is basically going to be based on whether or not the limitations of the page builder will interfere with your future growth.

    All page builders have limitations. For example, if you going to develop a site with complicated e-commerce the basic store builder and webpage builder will eventually present a situation where it does not have the features that you want. That's where WordPress comes in. It is far more expandable, configurable, and scalable.

    Perhaps a good path for you would be to take some time and outline your growth path and define the features that are most important to you. Put those alongside the capabilities of the GoCentral website builder versus those of WordPress with regard to your particular application. Make no mistake about it, WordPress while seemingly simple, presents a paradoxical beast in that it can become complicated very quickly. If you do choose the WordPress route be sure to invest in some degree of education on both how the base WordPress works as well as the theme and plug-ins that you will be using.


    I have used almost all of the Go Daddy hosting products.  All are good, none are perfect. Regardless, take time to think about how you want to grow your site. The decision that you're about to make on hosting is a big one. 


    Hope this helps,



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