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    Change in IP. Getting 500 (Internal Server) Error



    Recently I have been informed that IP of the server will be change to new one. So it has been changed and DNS are pointed to correct IP but still I'm getting 500 (Internal Server) Error. Site was made using site builder. It's not showing any other error and from back end it shows everything is fine.


    Since nothing is working I installed WP on windows hosting and it says there is an error but no detail at all. And it's not giving admin panel for WP. What could be the general problem in here ? Your support is highly appropriated.

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    Helper VI Helper VI
    Helper VI

    Re: 500 (Internal Server) Error

    Hi there, I'm not 100 sure what the problem is but keep in mind that changes in DNS takes a while to propagate.

    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ fullstackwebsolution.com

    Re: Change in IP. Getting 500 (Internal Server) Error

    I'm getting the same error after my site was migrated to another server today.  And I was not warned at all about it.


    My site is Drupal based.  And I have spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out and no luck so far.  I was with a chat support earlier, but it was cut off.

    Re: Change in IP. Getting 500 (Internal Server) Error

    My site was migrated yesterday and I started getting 500 ISE errors but only on password protected pages (those with an .htaccess file). I called Tech Support and they had no idea but said, "It is unlikely that it was triggered by the migration." Well, that was simply not true. After some digging, it seems that the new ABSOLUTE HOSTING PATH changed and that changed needed to be made to EVERY SINGLE .htaccess file. The old path was something like p/c/r/domain... I had to manually edit the .htaccess files to show 54/2834089/domain... instead. (Those aren't the actual numbers.) Because I am running Moodle, I ALSO had to edit my config.php file in 2 places, making the same replacements for the ABSOLUTE HOSTING PATH. I hope this will help someone and I'm DEEPLY disappointed in GoDaddy for 1) not letting me know this would be the case in their alert e-mail telling me I might have to change A records for other domains pointing to these folders and 2) not having tech support people who would put 2 and 2 together and recognize that a server migration would mean a new absolute hosting path which would affect all password protected pages and moodle installations. (The best part about this...or the most ironic? The tech support guy suggested that if the issue didn't resolve itself, I should consider hiring a developer.) Ugh.