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    Changes to General Settings URL = Server Not Found

    I have a WordPress account and when trying to make it active I was changing the URL's in the General Tab of the WordPress Admin tool.   After doing so, I now get a Server Not Found whenever I try to go back to the Admin Tool.


    I have tried several of these suggestions (https://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL) but none of them are working, allowing me back into the Admin Panel.


    Any ideas?


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    Advocate VI

    Hi @Schmidty2go,


    Do you remember what you put in the settings? There are 2 URLs in the General Settings tab. The first one is the actual directory WordPress is located in (which may or may not be the root, or it could be a sub-directory). 


    The second one is the actual URL of the site (what you want people to type to find your site).


    Let's suppose your site is yoursite.com, but you've installed WordPress in a subdirectory called "wordpress." Then the first setting would be http://yoursite.com/wordpress, and the second setting would be http://yoursite.com. 


    And to log into the back-end, you'd go to http://yoursite.com/wordpress/wp-admin