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    Checkout - Redirect Issue - Mysimplestore

    After a customer adds product from my site www.modelframes.com and checks out on the Cart - the godaddy site redirects to a link that has .mysimplestore.com


    - This is really bad as customers think the site is not secure and a scam. 

    - I even tried to search the old topics and its never answered.

    - This will likely cause a lot of LOSS sales...


    Is there a solution? I want to keep my checkout on my domain. I know Shopify can easily do it. 

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    Re: Checkout - Redirect Issue - Mysimplestore

    Hi @modelframes,


    Welcome to the Community!


    As you, an individual, or business, are not a payment processor, the customer's payment cannot be sent through your domain. The address/domain "mysimplestore.com" is created as the generic portal to process the payments from the Online Store customers. It is, in fact more secure than an email sent through your domain/email, and has been in place for many years. 



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