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    “Clarity” theme, footer alignment issue

    3 of the 4 footer choices in the Clarity theme have a Copyright text line that is oddly left-aligned. It looks weird and I suspect this is a coding error. Every other text line in the footer and header choices is center-aligned. 

    Could someone please pass this along to the Godaddy team that can fix this. Or alternatively, explain to me why this left-alignment was done on purpose. Thank you. 

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    Re: “Clarity” theme, footer alignment issue

    Hi @Branlaw,


    Welcome to the Community!


    A review of that theme and the footer sections shows it's not an error. On all three of the ones where it's left-aligned, there is a corresponding "Powered by GoDaddy WEBSITE BUILDER" on the right. The placement is intended to be balanced. If you want the copyright line in the middle, you can use one of the other fields provided there (address, phone) to insert it .



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