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    Client Appointment Notification

    Hello - is it possible to add instructions to the reminder notification that the client receives for their appointment?  I would like to add the phone # the client will need to call for their coaching session.


    Thank you,

    Zandra T.

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    Re: Client Appointment Notification



    There is no way to customize system messages at this time.  What I would do would be to create template in your email program and then when you get a notice that an appointment has be set, you can then send that out.


    HTH! 😉


    "Today ends tonight and tomorrow starts again."


    Re: Client Appointment Notification

    Thank you @Muse for the quick response, that's a great suggestion. I added my number to the service description. For now I think that will work but maybe in the future the ability to customize the texts will be available.
    Again thank you for your help 🙂