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    Client upload a file

    I am trying to find a way for a visitor to upload a file, for example a pdf, and have the file be either


    (a) stored someplace that I may retrieve it

    (b) sent to my email

    (c) sent along with their order (online storefront)


    I searched and I couldn't find anything.  Any help would be much appreciated. 

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    Re: Client upload a file

    Hi @resumekcmcb,


    A developer hand coded site is probably best for such a process as then you can also customise the code to check the file is also what it's supposed to be, a PDF, NOT a virus!!! 

    You can't add your own code to GoCentral as far as I'm aware for example.............






    Re: Client upload a file

    No need to be silly with "developer coded site". You just need ONE page with a form in which your clients can upload a file to your site. For this, add a section: HTML and embed a form. You will need to embed a form which allows for File Uploads. There are many free form builders that are drag and drop, I'm surprised that Go Daddy doesn't offer any forms except Contact Us. But, all of this fuss aside, here's what you do: 1.Create your form somewhere else (even GoogleDocs offers forms) offering a user to send you files to your email address 2.Create a New Page on GoDaddy and select Link To External Page 3.If your form offers it, return your clients back to your site. 

    Re: Client upload a file

    @angeldiamond, How did this work out in the end?

    Re: Client upload a file

    It should work just fine, try it with Google forms