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    Content of Email for Customer Orders

    Each time a customer places an online order, a generic email is sent to them including the following statement:


    "Hello John Doe,

    Thank you for shopping with us. We have received your order and we will notify you when your order is ready for pickup!"


    By having that statement included in the email it is setting us up for failure. Half of my customers get products shipped. In this case, the generic statement does not make sense.

    For those that are picking up in-store, it is forcing me to contact the customer again. If I don't contact them, it leaves the customer confused. It is also causing the customer to call our store to ask if the order is ready, even when emails are being sent to them. This is a huge waste of time for my staff as well as myself. The worst part is that they are left with a terrible check out experience which may cause them to doubt our abilities and shop someplace else.


    I can't understand how this is still an issue and has not been solved. I am not the only one asking for an option to edit this message. Each business is different in many ways but I am sure the majority would like this as a field that can be updated. GET THIS FIXED ALREADY!



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