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    Continually Saving in back end

    Hi all,

    Need some help if possible. When I log in to my site and attempt to edit, the site goes into saving mode, attempts to save for several seconds then gives me an error saying Hmmm something went wrong. Try again later with a refresh button. I tried support they said all ok their end. It get the same error if I login via a different browser and on my mobile phone via 4g. Anyone else experienced this as I can't make any edits.

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Continually Saving in back end

    Hi @cuud. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! That is a pretty strange situation. I've not seen that happen before. If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend trying Google Chrome incognito mode specifically. If the problem still happens there, then maybe try using the inspector view in Chrome to get an idea of where the issue is occurring. One thing you could try is opening the inspector (Ctrl + Shift + i on windows) and witching to the console tab before visiting your instant page editor. Then, if an error occurs when you try to edit it, it may show up in the console. 


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