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    Convert Websites + Marketing to a WordPress build

    Hey there, everyone!


    Would there be a feasible option to (make) a site on websites + marketing, but once I'm done, convert all assets, pages, and media to WordPress?


    I know there are options, just wondering what would be the easiest and most cost-effective - unless I can do it (hopefully) for free?

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    Advocate VII

    Hi @nickerios ,


    Right now that tool does not exist that I know of.  The website builder is an excellent product but it does have some limitations.  If you think that you might end up on a WP platform I would start there.  You will spend a ton of time transferring content and functionality.


    If you are new to WP take some time with the video tutorials.  There are some included in a GoDaddy installation plus look at a place like Udemy.


    Hope this helps,


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