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    Helper V

    Coupon setup doesn't offer per person one-time use!

    UGH! Coupon setup allows you to set the coupon for one-time use, but it is for anybody ever, NOT per person. I suppose some people might want to only offer a coupon code once ever, but I wanted to offer a coupon code to all new subscribers. GoCentral has NO WAY TO DO THAT. Really folks? We're going to have to set up a new coupon for every person???

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    Hello @Hopeful!


    Thank you for posting. I'm sorry the option is not available at this time. I will pass this feedback along as we are always looking to improve our products so that they are what you want/need. 


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Helper V

    Just to clarify for others, I called customer service about this issue AGAIN, for the 5th or 6th time. This time I got someone who really seemed to know their stuff. They tell me that what I've been told all the previous times was wrong. You do not need a different coupon code per person. That the same code can be used by numerous people, HOWEVER, you cannot specify how often any one person can use it. So to prevent overuse, you would need to reduce the period the coupon is good for and/or limit the total number of uses.

    I agree, their coupon code options are way too limited and beyond being basic for the modern day shopping experience. You can't even run a sale in your store.

    PLEASE Fix this GoDaddy!

    This is one example of several on why I won't be able to re-new my Go-Daddy store the next time it comes up.


    I'm a bit disappointed in myself for being suckered into purchasing an entire year in advance.  Unless a handful of things change between now and then, I won't be able to renew my store with Go Daddy.