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    Create Drop Down Menu For Each Product Category



    I cant seem to create a category drop down menu for my shop. It will only allow me to create a "Products" page which shows the whole lot of products rather than specific category displays.


    Any ideas?

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    Helper V

    Re: Create Drop Down Menu For Each Product Category

    @dgr You need to add a category. Click add category button. It will show up at the bottom. Then you click on the dots to the left of the category name and drag it up and under the Product Category you want it under and release it. Drag it to the indented position it should be in. Sometimes it's finicky, so it may take multiple tries. You can only have a total of 2 subcategories under your main category.


    GoDaddy has lots of help articles with answers to basic questions like this. You may want to read thru the help articles.