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    Creating Fillable Forms on website builder

    I am building a website for an apartment complex and want to create a fillable application form which can be submitted online (not a PDF they have to print and return).  Can't find any way to do that.  There is only the one contact form template that I see in the website builder.

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    Re: Creating Fillable Forms on website builder

    There are many ways to do this @EmilyRose - do you have a sample set of fields or a document that describes your form? 


    We use Formstack.com as a system to do this -- happy to set one up for you as a test. There are other ways, but if you are using the website builder I believe there is a way to improve the contact form with your own fields. See this help article for more details:



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    Re: Creating Fillable Forms on website builder

    They haven't given me the form they want to use yet but I looked at the link you provided and it may take care of it. If not I will do as you suggested. Thank you Alex-NewPath!

    Re: Creating Fillable Forms on website builder

    The Contact form can have up to 7 freeform fields. One of them has to be email address. It will do for really, really simple forms. I'll look into external form builders, I guess.


    I could write my own javascript, but why re-invent the wheel?


    Re: Creating Fillable Forms on website builder

    It's mandatory to save the filled forms in MS Word extension, or did I get you wrong? Mods have already noted Formstack for such a purpose, you might well try this https://online-form-builder.pdffiller.com/ also paid but you can create and host the very first fillable form for free, yet some features will be cut off


    Re: Creating Fillable Forms on website builder

    Hi @EmilyRose,


    The GoCentral website builder has the ability to create up to 14 fields on its built-in contact form. Currently, these contact form fields handle text only entries. There are many helpful suggestions on this thread on how to create a contact form with more options; should your business require collecting more in-depth information. Personally, I use jotform.com to create more robust contact forms for my sites.


    All of these 3rd party form options can be integrated via html code into the GoCentral designer. 


    If you would rather provide a downloadable PDF file for your customers to complete and return via email, we do provide the option to upload files to the GoCentral as well and make them available to download online from your website.


    Thank you for being a part of the GoDaddy Community!


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