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    Customer notifications & changing to fullfiled



    I am hoping someone can give some help/guidance. I don't want to move from GoDaddy but I am finding more and more problems as my business grows that as a one person business it is making it a bit impractical to keep. I am hoping someone can give some guidance as to whether there is an easier way to do this or if I will actually need to look at other options.


    1. When an order is sent, I have to manually go into each and every order to change from unfulfilled to fulfilled, this is slow and tedious - is there any way to change this?


    2. I have to go into each and every order to add a tracking number. As it takes too long I dont provide my customers with tracking numbers. to add tracking numbers  I have to open up Royal Mail, click on the order I've made for postage, copy the number, go back into godaddy, open the order paste it, click fulfilled return to the main screen, reorganise again to show unfulfilled - you get the picture, perhaps this is ok if you have five orders it is not so much fun if you have 100. Anyone know if it can work with royal mail to automatically do this - this sounds like heaven to me at the moment!


    3.Is there a way to download just the unfullfiled orders? when doing downloads I get everything including this months the 780 free digital downloads, just takes more time to organise


    As a one person business one of the most precious things is time, and this eats into so much of it. my hope is that there is a better way to do these things 🙂 and that someone out there can help


    thanks in advance

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