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    Customizing Photos in 'Content' Section

    I added the 'Content' section to my page.  I used the version that has six photos&text areas, two rows of three each.  I have two questions:

    1.  Is there a way to change the size of the photo 'box' for just one of the six areas?  I have a picture that is more of a vertical/portrait type orientation and it shows very small compared to the others. I'd like to change/enlarge the 'box' to be larger and more portrait oriented.

    2.  Is there a way to make it so that when someone clicks on any of these six photos, a much larger version pops up?  A couple of the pictures contain images of certificates/diploma-type documents that are hard to read in the smaller size.

    Thanks - Bob

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    Re: Customizing Photos in 'Content' Section



    You've run into some of the limitations of a web builder...


    1. There is no way to change the size of the photo display.  You can change the orientation by clicking on the image and using the Rotate icon to the left of the trash can icon to change to portrait.


    2. To make the photos clickable, you could use any of the free image hosting services out there and then link to the larger images stored there.  Once you upload an image, click on it and then in the right sidebar/bottom, you'll find a link box where you can paste the link to the larger version stored elsewhere.


    HTH! 😉


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