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    Customizing the check out pages

    I'm using the Online Store after using the Quick Shopping Cart. I like how simple it is compared to QSC yet there are some issues. My site matches until I go through the check-out process - which is the most important step to selling apparel! The colors, fonts, and formats aren't matching my site. As long as the user is in the store.ALTR167.com part of the site it is fine. Once they click on "check-out" the formatting changes so it looks like a different store. It is now a "mysimplestore.com" website but it should feel seamless and the user should not even notice this. Please help me fix this simple issue. I asked about this weeks ago and haven't had any feedback or updates. Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Customizing the check out pages

    Hi @ALTR167, thanks for posting.

    Looking at the site at this time, the site and the checkout look the same to me. Were you able to get this sorted out?


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    Re: Customizing the check out pages

    Are you guys able to sort this out? I've been trying to do it since past 30 minutes. Its very unprofessional.