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    Directory Permissions for all users

    I have a Linux Shared CPanel hosting account, moved to GoDaddy a couple of months ago from another service.  On my old website, each customer had their own private release folder, password protected by .htaccess.  I am rebuilding that structure on GoDaddy.  So far, so good.


    Here's the problem - on my old service I had a Download folder with files from a key vendor that was had an .htaccess file that would let any user in.  That is:

    user1 could log in to domain/user1

    user2 could log in to domain/user2

    user1 could not see user2's files

    user2 could not see user1's files - so far so good.

    user1 and user2 could BOTH see domain/Downloads - not working yet.


    How can I make the last thing happen on GoDaddy?  That is, any valid user of any folder in the system can access Downloads, but outsiders can't access that folder, and the users are otherwise restricted to their own silos?


    If it helps, the old system had one central user file.  The .htaccess in domain/user1 said "user user1".  The .htaccess in domain/user2 said "user user2".  The .htaccess in domain/Downloads said "valid-user".