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    Does GoDaddy Allow Adult Content?

    Can I use GoDaddy Hosting services to host adult content like a porn site, or adult tube site.

    What will be the legal aspects that I should be aware of?

    And how safe is it?

    What are the other ways I can host such site?

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    Helper V
    Helper V

    Re: Does GoDaddy Allow Adult Content?

    You must contact godaddy via phone and ask them as there are some vitrification's you'll need to. Best way is to ask them first.


    Please give it a +1 and also click "Mark As Accepted Solution" if you find it satisfactory.


    Please give it a +1 and also click "Mark As Accepted Solution" if you find it satisfactory. Thanking You With Regards | Harry Parmar
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    Re: Does GoDaddy Allow Adult Content?


    It should be fine as long as you are not breaking any laws. As when using godaddy cash parking on domains, there is an option to allow 'adult content'. If chosen then sex sites etc are allowed to advertise on your domain by godaddy.

    But as I said before, as long as it's not illegal content it should be ok. You will have to comply with the laws of your country. There is probably a lot of legal and moral aspects you will need to think about, or your site won't be up for long. 

    There are the practical implications too. All uploaded videos must be vetted and approved, and you will have to comply with law authorities if the content is illegal, and conduct everything in a serious and lawful manner, because if the law comes calling, they will want to see records and have access to files etc.

    Hope this helps.


    Re: Does GoDaddy Allow Adult Content?

    Yes, you can.
    AS long as:
    - you comply with their ToS
    - your content is legal in US
    - you have permission ( Or own ) to reproduce that content on your website.
    Here you can to http://www.reviewoid.com/does-godaddy-allow-adult-content/ go and see the answer of their support to my inquiry on this particular issue.
    Good luck with your projects.

    Rockstar I Rockstar I
    Rockstar I

    Re: Does GoDaddy Allow Adult Content?

    Hi @besimc,

    As others mentioned, with regard to the actual content, you are bound by both the federal and local laws on what is allowed.  Most of that is pretty straightforward actually.  If you have to ask the question, "is this going to be allowed?" you might want to err to the conservative side.


    The real question is what are you trying to do?  If you are planning on streaming video, it won't work because that is not what GoDaddy servers are designed for.  You'll definitely need to look at a third-party video provider.    If you want to distribute/display images, you'll need some sort of membership software unless you are giving your content away and relying on advertising.  So the real question is not that of content, it is what you are wanting to do with the content.


    The legal aspects are the same as any other website EXCEPT you will absolutely need to have a 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement for displaying images and videos.  Next, if your images are very explicit, you are best served by having an "Over 18, Adults Only" statement or dialogue box on the front page.  Next, make sure you have a clear privacy statement and related disclaimers.  


    With regard to credit card processing you will need an account from a bank that is adult friendly.  You will also need to have a VERY CLEAR refund/return policy.  You can expect to be asked for refunds on a tube/image site and if you start to get too many, your account will be closed.


    There are other nuances to have a successful adult site, but these are some of the basics.


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Re: Does GoDaddy Allow Adult Content?

    I think they are really picky slash no. But a safe web host if they don't is Adult-Website-Hosting.com  they are very similar and  use cPanel like Godaddy for easy control over your website.

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