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    Domain Not Already Hosted Elsewhere

    I have a brand new host (registered with Godaddy) and a new domain (registered with a different domain registrar). I installed wordpress on my host with the actual domain name and it failed. I removed that wordpress install but it the uninstall progress is stuck at 50% for over 3 days. I called up support and briefed them about the issue. They said they would look into it and resolve this at the earliest.


    Not able to wait for the tech team to resolve this issue, I decided to install wordpress and chose a temporary domain name while installing it. The install was successful this time however I'm now trying to change my domain name and it won't let me change it.


    What could be the problem? How can one fix this?





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    Re: Domain Not Already Hosted Elsewhere

    Hi ramscribbles,

       Sorry to hear about the issue with updating the domain and the wordpress install. 3 days is a very long time and seems there may be an event that is stuck. Please contact our 24/7 inbound hosting support line so that our hosting agents may have a closer look at the account and it's events and reference the escalation number if one was provided to you.  


    Apologies for the inconvenience.


    Kind regards,



    Re: Domain Not Already Hosted Elsewhere

    Aside from the issues this client above was having, what is the normal procedure for switching domain names for our hosting account? I just want to switch the hosting to another domain I own through GoDaddy. I have looked everywhere on the site, in the hosting settings, in the Domains, and cannot find how to make this switch.
    Thanks for your help!


    Domain name is not hosted

    I Hosted this domain in my web hosting panel but it shows me in my Domain provider that my Domain name is not hosted when i checked nameservers i found them changed than other and cant change them like other

    Re: Domain Not Already Hosted Elsewhere

    Hi support,


    I had the same issue, I called the tech but they told me it was something wrong with the registrar without exact pinpointing the cause. My domain is a .au domain.