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    Donation errors

    I work for a very small nonprofit called Support Our Soldiers Freedom, Inc. Someone who worked for us previously set up a donation form that appears on every page. When someone makes a donation, it goes through fine, but the donor receives an email that says the donation was not successful. I am just learning Wordpress and would appreciate any advice. 


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    Without knowing your specific setup and having only taken a quick look it seems like you're using a combination on WooCommerce, Stripe and Give to facilitate donations @SOSFREEDOM? I'd start in the Plugins area of your admin backend and familiarize myself with those plugins. It could be something as simple as a configuration that has changed?


    When taking over a task often you have to start from the beginning to get the hang of things. Sometimes you'll often find yourself wondering "Why did they do this that way?" but questions like that are part of the process. I hope that helps? 


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