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    Download File Naming

    I have asked the phone help and got no where... So


    I am asking that GoDaddy developers please address this oversight.

    When the clients of my website download the files the names are nothing but suto code which is great for ensuring that the file name is unique but my clients need to know what the file is from the name

     My solution is for GoDaddy to take the actual file name that I upload onto my web site via the web builder and add the GoDaddy unique identifier number to that name. therefore each and every file that they save onto their file server is uniquely named, and, my clients can still identify the file by the actual name in the first part.....

    This is a relatively simple fix that does not need an extensive back checking for verification.


    Your long time customer



    PS the little ? tag on the lower right only opens an new blank browser window and the outlook express with the address of Undetermined...... I got a feeling that is not suppose to work like that


    @DuewyB @Duewy @Lightpourer  This is now fixed.  Please add your files again and republish. Sorry for the wait!

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    Found a solution to the help option....

    Use another browser other than firefox.....

    Works as needed in IE


    Now to get the GoDaddy programmers to work on the file naming issue....

    Microsoft's security officers themselves recommend you no longer use IE.
    At the other end of the browser range, Google Chrome is your safest browser.

    Product Team

    @DuewyB  Thanks for your suggestion. We plan to add this soon - I will update when it is ready. Thanks! Christine, Product team

    I've just hit this today, tried a few go-arounds with HTML but can't get what I want.
    It's not helpful to download with the storage name instead of the file label name.

    My workaround is going to be 
    - upload content to DropBox under its real name

    - determine its URL there, change last 2 characters from =0 to =1 to trigger downloads
    - encode HTML links which use the =1 suffixed dropbox URL as targets.
    Works on ALL browsers, not just poxy IE.

    You DO know that Microsoft's own security people now recommend you use ANYTHING OTHER than IE on their platform. There's a reason for that ... and you guys should no longer run code that's IE Dependent.
    Honestly <rolls eyes>

    That said, so far I rate your Webeditor pretty highly. Thank you.

    Former Employee

    We are working on this. Will be sure to follow up here when it's ready. Thanks for your patience.

    @DuewyB @Duewy @Lightpourer  This is now fixed.  Please add your files again and republish. Sorry for the wait!

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