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    Downloading Source Code

    Is it possible to have source code files downloaded for any website I build using the website builder without having to manually publish and download. I used the tool to help build a rough mock-up site and wish to dive into the source code itself. 

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    Re: Downloading Source Code

    Hi @joshualorber!


    While the Website Builders make building a website fast and easy, one thing it unfortunately won't let you do is edit or download the source code. It is more of a click and edit product, rather than edit the code product.


    If you are looking to be able to edit the code of a website, something like cPanel or Plesk hosting would definitely fulfill that requirement. Website Builders will let you add HTML blocks, but no site-wide editing (unless you have a retired version), and nothing that allows you to download the source code for the whole site.


    I hope this helps!