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    Drop Down Menu hidden

    Hi All,


    I've just been editing my site and noticed that the drop down menu has suddenly become hidden behind other objects on the page. The same thing occurs once the site is published.

    Is there a setting on the menu structure which brings the menu 'to the front'?


    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Drop Down Menu hidden

    Hi @Woody

    That's odd, the drop down menu should always display, regardless of how many layers you have build on your site. Can you provide your domain name? So we can get a better idea of what your site currently looks like.

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Re: Drop Down Menu hidden

    Hi @charminglygeeky
    Was this ever resolved? I currently have delegate access to an unpublished site that is having the same issue. 


    Respectfully , 



    Re: Drop Down Menu hidden

    Hi smithd6


    What happened with my menu was that the menu element was set to 'send to back' which meant it displayed behind other elements on the page.


    To solve it, I went into the edit site area, then:

    1) highlighted the Dropdown menu element.

    2) clicked the element to bring up the edit bar

    3) on the right hand end of the edit bar is a drop down arrow.

    4) Clicked on the arrow to bring up the list

    5) Selected 'Bring Layer Forward' and then saved the changes


    That worked for me.


    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Drop Down Menu hidden

    Thanks @Woody for sharing these tips! This is super helpful for other community members to see if they're experiencing the same issue. Hope to see you around the Community more in the future. Take care!