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    Edit Font Size in individual sections. Template rigidity.

    For safety sake I recently added a general disclaimer section to my site. Ideally the disclaimer should be in a tiny font but the option to change font size in individual sections is unavailable. As it stands, it gives the impression I'm somehow negating the information in the main body of the site. (The html work around  referred to elsewhere is very cumbersome.) While I can see the need to preserve stylistic integrity the rigidity of the template is frustrating for this client.

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    Re: Edit Font Size in individual sections. Template rigidity.

    Hi @michaeldaly,


    Thanks for posting and expressing your concerns. Unfortunately, the font size is set within the theme. I'm not sure if there is a specific page you wanted to place the disclaimer but a work around might be to put the disclaimer in the footer of the site since the text there is significantly smaller. Putting it in the footer will also display the disclaimer on every page making it easier for visitors to spot. Hope that helps!


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