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    Edit to website didn't work

    I have changed my email address and wanted to change it on my website.  I found the right page and edited it, saved it, and checked the website.  No change.  Then I cleared my cache in my browser.  No change.  Any ideas?

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    Re: Edit to website didn't work

    Would need some additional information to be certain. 


    - Is this a WordPress site? 

    - Care to share a link?


    Running with some assumptions here...   WordPress sites often have a plugin that handles the contact page.  When you navigate to Pages -> Contact, you are often not seeing the actual generator of the content at http://yourWPsite.com/contact.   Look in the dashboard menu for "Contact" or "Theme Options", which may provide you with access to a Contact page. 


    Feel free to share more details!  Thanks,


    - Nick

    Re: Edit to website didn't work

    Thank you.  I finally figured out that I should look for the email on more than one page in the document. It was on something called "jsindex.html" and there was another page called "jsindex.html-0.htm....I had fixed it on one and not the other .  When I fixed both, it worked!  I didn't write the website; it was a former student of mine many years ago, so it's clunky!  I'm clueless, so all I did was look for the old email address and replace with new.....just needed to do both, apparently.


    Probably I should find someone to write a better one someday.....but in the meantime, thank you for trying to help!!

    Helper V

    Re: Edit to website didn't work

    @CluelessSeattle, big companies do things like that and lose thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. They think they are saving money by using beginners then they pay extra for the project later. A major aerospace company had a staff of more than a dozen programmers work on a project for a couple of years then canceled it; all the time spent was wasted. The developers were not adequately experienced.


    In this situation, the system should have a configuration capability so that you don't need to change the source at all. Development of a new system would probably be cheaper if you have proper documentation but you probably don't. Management does not like to pay for things like that and that is one of the things that make a system more expensive. I suggest that a very important requirement for a new developer is that they begin with good specifications; you might even pay for that separately from the development. Development of software from good specifications can be relatively easy.



    Re: Edit to website didn't work

    In my case it's not a commercial type website and I'm not a company.  It's my mother's autobiography, and I was a teacher at the time.....so having a student do it made sense.  I just still pay for the hosting so people can enjoy her book for free, because it's out of print.  In case you're interested, it's www.suddenlydecember.com   It'll probably drive you crazy by being clunky, but you can read the book for free.  🙂  (Very short; probably a 20 min read.)


    Editing issues

    When I click on edit site, I get a rotate your device message on my laptop and I cannot edit.  In fact, I've logged off and on and even restarted my laptop.  When I click on edit site, the same message comes up.  When I go to my iPhone, I can edit just fine. When I hit edit on my iPad, it just keeps thinking and never opens the edit page.  Any suggestions?


    Re: Edit to website didn't work

    I cannot edit one page now?? this is the most inaccessible web builder page-wix waa much easier??

    Cant load my website after editing

    hi good day i need help asap !!


    after i edit my flux cp of my website (http:www.fenrirro.com)


    i cant load my website so that i can see all my changes on download link if working


    please help thank you


    Re: Cant edit my website after is done?

    Im using GOCENTRAL PLUS. Anyone found a solution for editing the site after published? please help

    Re: Cant edit my website after is done?

    Yes, I have had problems with both e-mail and website builder.


    No explanation, just says, "Yikes! We hit a snag".  I feel like saying "Yikes, I am going to another hosting company!"



    Re: Edit to website didn't work

    Every time I have a situation, I get the run around from customer service.  I hope Danika Patrick doesn't give up her day job!