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    Editing Text and Paragraphs - justifying paragraphs

    I have already talked to support about this and understand that the functionality doesn't exist, but if I can add this topic as a suggestion, I'd like to...


    JUSTIFYING PARAGRAPHS!  Not the same as left, center or right aligning a paragraph, I mean justifying - where each line of the entire paragraph (left AND right) ends on the same line.  See image below for further clarification.  I am surprised this is not a function with such a large company as GoDaddy!  Honestly, if I knew this did not exist, I would not have used your GoCentral website builder.  Justifying is a common function in writing any sort of text - digital or print.  Visually, it's much cleaner, which is what my client is looking for.  Super disappointing  😞 


    Can I use this forum to request this as a future option/customization?  justified.png

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    Re: Editing Text and Paragraphs - justifying paragraphs

    The current GoDaddy Website Builder is intended for beginners with no experience who want to just add their own content to predesigned templates to be able to do it themselves.  It's really not set up for those who want to fine tune the design, rather it is simplified in that the user selects a handful of options and the software takes care of the rest.


    Justified text is generally harder to read in a web browser and can yield unexpected results with a responsive website.   It is hard to get right and easy to mess up, GoCentral is for people that don't want to worry about that.