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    Editing Website



    I've been with GoDaddy for a very long time...so long ago that initialy I used FrontPage to edit my website. Since FrontPage was discontinued, I basically stopped editing my webpage. Now I want to get back at it again. Is there a way to edit my website right here on the GoDaddy site? I was able to look at all my filed in File Manager--stuff I haven't looked at in years!--so I think I must be close. If there is an editor here, can someone direct me to it?


    Thank you!



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    Re: Editing Website

    Hi @Gatchaman,


    Thanks for posting. Because FrontPage has been discontinued the editor is no longer supported on our servers. Unfortunately, there is no Workaround to access the editor you only have access to your site files. If you are trying to rebuild your site, I'd recommend our GoCentral Website Builder, it is a drag and drop user friendly builder and you can sign up for a free trial. Hope that helps!



    Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Re: Editing Website

    Greetings @Lisi! Thank you for that information!


    The reason I asked is last year I was able to tinker around and change some things while on the GoDaddy website. I can't find it now, so maybe that is something that was there that is no longer.


    My website is still out there, basically as it was when I last made a real update using FrontPage. Will I have to start completely from scratch using the GoCentral Website Builder?


    Thank you.