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    Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog

    I'd like to embed a Youtube Video within my blog, so that it appears only when the user opens a specific topic. How can I do that?

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog

    Hi @BassamSiraj,

    Here's the instructions on how to add a video to your blog https://www.godaddy.com/help/add-link-to-video-24586. Take care and all the best!


    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog



    Thanks for this info, but this does not answer the question of how to embed a video into a blog post.   I have writtena blog post in Manage Blog.  By clicking on the white cross in the green bubble the only options are to add an image or a divider.  I can add a link, but I want embed a video.  There is no option in Manage blog to add a Section.


    Any help you can give is much appreciated

    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog

    Hi Rachel - the instructions are appreciated, but as Mark mentioned - this does not solve the problem of embedding a YouTube video within a GoDaddy native blog post.


    There is another discussion about this same topic here and there was mention of new development to resolve this.


    Thank you,





    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog

    So much for that "award winning customer service".... Still no response on this? Why add a half functioning blog section? Let's do it right, GoDaddy.

    Former Employee

    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog



    Here's the response from a similar thread: https://www.godaddy.com/community/GoCentral/Adding-video-articles-to-blog/m-p/121670 


    "I still don't have a timeline for video embed in the blog but it's in the top 3 next features we're working on.  We're finishing up some work / testing on the social sharing right now.  Then the next 3 things (currently) are Commenting, Scheduling/Custom Publish Date and Video." 




    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog

    I am also disappointed by the lack of this feature. Surely it doesn't take so much dev time to make this happen.

    Blog posts are so basic without it.  

    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog

    Thank you for your updates on the video feature. I was curious about that too and read through two forum and see that you are working on it. I notice that GoDaddy utilizes the rich text and HTML features in this forum. Would it be easier to adapt that into the blogs until you can add the video features? I don't mind my blog looking simple right now but it seems like everyone else is a tad agitated. 

    Re: Embed Youtube Video Within the Blog

    would love to see this feature happen soon, please!