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    Embed code goes where for sign-up form in online store?

    I created a sign-up form with GoDaddy, copied the embed code and can't figure out where to paste it. I am using online store. Here's where its supposed to go. How do i get there?

    Side Tab Embed Code paste this code above the closing body tag of your website.
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    Re: Embed code goes where

    Can't answer with any certainty as I haven't done this myself but I assume you would either create a new page for signing up or use the contact us page.

    Go to store design and click pages.

    Contact us should be listed as a page.  Edit this page. Select code view: </>

    Paste the embed code at the bottom.


    Or alternatively if you wanted the sign-up form to appear on every page, this might work.

    Go to store design and click site

    Scroll down to advanced.

    Paste the code in the box that says inject code at the bottom of every page.


    Once again I haven't done this myself. I assume that this adds the code within the body of each page. hope that helps