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    Entire website - years of work - deleted by Godaddy

    On 31st July 2018, I received an email from Godaddy.  It said that one of my MySQL databases was too big: 1.24GB with a limit of 1GB. It listed a DB name which is a string of letters and numbers. I have 97 databases on my unlimited hosting and I could not find a way to match the database name to an actual website to investigate further. 


    I called Godaddy support.  At first, they couldn't work it out either, but after a while, I was passed on to a senior hosting support team member. He located the database but informed that it was empty, and not linked to any websites. He told me, more than once, that the email had been sent in error, and that I should ignore it.  I ignored it.


    Yesterday my client told me her site was down. This site was similar in functionality to IMDB, but focusing on black British artists, actors, musicians etc. The site is her life's work and she has been working on its contents for about 10 years. 


    I contacted Godaddy, and after nearly 3 hours of telling this same story to numerous people, the conclusion is that the email was about her site, and that they have deleted the db with no backup. They said that I shouldn't have ignored the email, even though their colleague had explicitly told me to.  The end. 


    I am beyond furious. Godaddy are solely responsible for this loss after having given me incorrect information, yet I have had no offer of compensation, further support, or any means to escalate this. To add salt to the wound, the initial email that I got says that the database will be deleted on the 13th August 2018, yet today is only the 11th, and the db is apparently gone forever. 


    I only host the site for my friend, and no, she has no local backups, and neither do I. I know that we should have, yet this does not get past the point that misleading information from Godaddy caused this. I need this escalated and some further remediation suggestions. 



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    This is absolutely terrible - I am very sorry.  Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope that GoDaddy can find some way to make this right for you and your client.

    I would think GoDaddy does regular backups  of all its servers in case of crashes and data corruption. If the database was wiped recently, it might still exist on a GoDaddy backup and could possibly be restored.


    if you want to escalate see:

    This is what I thought, but apparently, the back-up has been deleted completely and there's literally no way of getting it back! Also I don't see anything in your comment under the escalation bit - soz!

    The url is in my reply to my interrupted reply to your comment and should show up in the thread somewhere.

    The missing url is https://www.ceoemail.com/s.php?id=ceo-9930


    Sorry about the confusion from my end.



    I just talked to a custom er service rep regarding starting up a GoDaddy website and he told me that they always back up the sites and if you use WordPress ( Way to expensive for me) it is done every day..but with GoCentral, it is also backed up.


    Well, turns out they lied to you. They have literally lied to me, and are now refusing to address it. If you're building with Godaddy, pay for a premium third-party service that backs up your site for you, because if something goes wrong, Godaddy will just ignore you until you go away. Plenty of other examples of this in the community pages,  it drives me nuts. 


    which lists email and contact information for Scott Wagner, GoDaddy's CEO. A polite, thoughtful appeal explaining you are a loyal GoDaddy user hosting nearly 100 websites on GoDaddy, outlining the nature of the problem you have encountered, and asking if knows of any way to get the missing database restored. Say you would prefer seeing the database restored but that is not possible, could he direct you to someone who can see about providing your client with some form of compensation for the huge loss your client suffered because of the inaccurate advice from support and the database being erased before the stated deadline.


    Lay the old soft soap good and heavy. Be polite and non-confrontational but have no where else to turn, etc., etc.


    Hope this is of some help. Please let me know if you try this route and how it works out for you.



    Thanks, Mark - it's a great suggestion. I will do this now and post on here if I get a response!