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    Error establishing a database connection

    07.13.16  Website stopped working with error: "Error establishing a database connection" and as of 07.17 it still not working.

    site adres: http://newgadget.club

    And I cant got access to site database via godaddy dasboard (phpmyadmin)

    Before there was such a problem, but it usually resolves within 24 hours

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    Helper V


    What program are you running?



    This question is a good starting point...... I see you are still having issues

    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    I am using deluxe wordpress plan US hosting

    Hi there KLM,

    I dont use wordpress , but in drupal there is a file you enter all this information into. Database name, the password on and on.....

    I found this info for wordpress, "MySQL Settings in wp-config.php File. Your WordPress database connection settings appear under 'MySQL Settings' section of the wp-config.php file. You will need your MySQL host, database name, database username and password to fill in this section."


    Sounds almost the same way of doing things as I have to do for my sites.

    Hope this helps

    Mrsroadrunner Photography
    Helper V

    You certainly need to solve the problem preventing access to the GoDaddy Dashboard. If you can't solve that problem yourself then at least call GoDaddy about that.

    godaddy chat always offline and I dont know how to open new ticket. I try to call, but bot says that all operators busy (always busy) I am from Ukraine, so maybe they are busy in Ukraine.


    site not working at thia moment. I have 4 more sites on this hosting plan and they are fine.