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    Error page shows home directory (privacy concern then); where to change this error page?

    Hello, on my wiki site, there's a certain error I know about and I know what triggers it. When it's triggered, the error page that ensues is not any numbered error page, and instead it's an error that talks about a script not functioning (intentionally) because of something. But see, this error page, it shows the entire home directory of my website from /home/ to the location of where the script is, and that obviously raises privacy concerns as a hacker could just go to there and try to force-guess my password, compromising my site. How do I combat this? As in, any clues where this error might be located and how I could change it so as to not display the directory and maybe change the message to say that the user should confirm the e-mail before doing the action they are about to perform?

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    Hi @JRRF, thanks for posting.

    This is normally handled by custom settings. Based on your description, it sounds like you might be using a PHP based site. If that is the case, you can modify how your site/account handles php errors. Check out these PHP articles for more information on error messages:



    You can use those options to hide or change what information is displayed.

    If you are not using PHP, feel free to follow up with some additional details and perhaps another member of the community can provide some other suggestions.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Hi Gary. I see what you're laying out and it seems like it would be a simple thing to do. The problem is that I seemingly have no way to change my php settings or php.ini. I am using cPanel, which came bundled with my purchase over at GoDaddy. From looking into the total absence of a way to customize php settings on the cPanel page of my site, it seems that I would have to change these settings through the cPanel WHM or Webhost Manager. Thing is, I don't see a way to access this. If I go to [mywebsite.com]:2087 , it shows me the WHM login, but if I try to login with the same credentials as cPanel it says invalid login. I was never told to set up anything for WHM like a password or anything, which makes me wonder if my cPanel came with WHM or if it didn't, or if I have to buy it separately? Do you know where I could set up my WHM login info, or where to even find it mentioned on cPanel?

    Hey @JRRF,

    Actually, you should be able to modify PHP settings by creating a custom .ini file and uploading this into your public_html folder (orhttpdocs/ for Windows). Check out our article here for some more details on using custom initialization files. Hopefully that helps. 

    As for WHM, you actually won't have access to this if your own a cPanel shared hosting plan. Only our VPS or Dedicated Server plans allow access through port 2087 for this type of setup.

    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Thank you, I have fixed the issue now with the custom php.ini file at the public_html directory with the display_errors flag set to Off. I'm not sure which one of you to select as the answer because both of your answers were very important. In any case, I very much appreciate it!