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    Errors moving products to new ecommerce plan

    Hey Guys, I got one here that has stumped me. 

    Working on a new godaddy ecommerce store.  From the Store tab if you select market places it will allow you to set up connections to push your products out to other ecommerce locations, amazon, ebay, google shopping etc. 


    I am trying to configure mine to publish out to google shopping actions.  I have went to google market place and got my ID and have connected that to the ecommerce site.   The problem is occurring when I try to convert products into listings.  When they are converted to listing they have errors and lose metadata fields and the photo.   


    I can't figure out what is breaking the listing.  Also, my products have variations when converted to listings they are broken out to single line items and not kept as a variations. 


    I have attached photos of what I am seeing. Errors with Listing.pngErrors with Listing.pngGodaddy Products listing.pngGodaddy Products Variations.pngListing Errors.png

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    Re: Errors moving products to new ecommerce plan

    Well I have spend most of the weekend messing with this getting no where.  Then I went back to the original product listing inside of the godaddy store.  (Dashboard/Store/Products)  I took one of my products and deleted the options and added my different lengths under the Addons. Addons added.png

    Then I when to the Dashboard/store/marketplaces/products this new item shows, but it shows zero variants. ( See the HCD item at the bottom of the page)

    Marketplace products.png

    Then I published this zero Variant option to the the Google Shopping Actions listings. 

    listing hcd.png


    and now the listing is happy and ready to publish out to google. 


    So there seems to be an error when converting products to listings if you have multiple variations of the product.  A single product seems to work ok.  


    I have a sinking feeling that this is a work around and will only fix my listings going to google shopping.  I am afraid that me changing all of my options to addons on the godaddy store will be a short term fix and will cause me more headache when I try to publish my products out to Amazon or ebay.